• Success Stories

    Success Stories

    Our client's trust and satisfaction proves that prosafety is valuable and helps them meet and comply with their safety objectives.


DANONE, a food sector company, has implemented prosafety within a global ZERO ACCIDENTS project for all the group plants in Spain.

With prosafety, they manage the investigation of accidents and incidents, preventive safety observations, audits, inspections and risk assessments follow up on plans of action for previous activities and integrated with more than 600 contractor companies.


PANAMAR, a company specialized in manufacturing and distributing precooked bread, pastries and frozen pastries that employs more than 1,200 employees uses prosafety as a tool to investigate accidents and incidents, manage risk assessments of different positions and follows up on plans of action for previous activities.


Naturgy, a multinational company of the energy sector, uses prosafety as the tool that supports their Commitment to Safety and Health Plan, programs, which are promoted by management.

Some of the achievements that GNF has obtained with prosafety's contributions are:

  • Carry out the full set up and production start-up of the first programs in less than five months.
  • Involve more than 18,000 employees + collaborators from contractor companies in different safety programs.
  • Set up new practices globally, in more than 20 countries throughout the world and in 6 different languages.
  • Successfully institutionalize more than 10 different safety programs.

Papeles Bio Bio

Papeles Bio Bio, the first printing paper production plant in Chile, uses prosafety as a tool to investigate accidents and incidents, manage audits and non-conformities, carry out preventive safety and inspection observations and follow up on plans of action from previous activities.

Grupo Vips

The Grupo VIPS, a restaurant group with more than 9,000 employees, uses prosafety as a tool to manage 7 safety programs. These are some of the achievements that VIPS has obtained with prosafety's contributions:

  • Recognize work carried out by the Prevention Service, as well as its leadership and commitment to safety.
  • Involve the organization in the culture of safety with prosafety as a key collaborative tool.
  • Efficiently manage the execution and traceability of actions proposed.
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